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DisruptHR Austin 2024 Speakers

Intentionally Innovative & Impactful

DisruptHR Austin is an evening of energy, innovation and fun!

In May 2024, DisruptHR Austin moved our location to the PBS Building in Austin where we sold over 200 tickets and had 14 amazing speakers challenge us and helped us think about working as team intentionally and with impact. 

Check out our Innovative speakers from our May 2024 event below!
DisruptHR Austin speaker Sophie Li

Sophie Li

Certified Executive Coach – Sophie Li Global 

Session Title: ‘Brain Hacks for Leadership: when a gardener meets neuroscience’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Hector Navarro

Héctor Navarro

Training Content Creator – Enablement @ Rula 

Session Title: ‘AI-Powered Learning and Development: Enhancing Training Effectiveness and Personalization’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Brian Vogel

Brian Vogel

Fractional Global HR Executive – SensibleHR
Session Title: ‘Manager Effectiveness before Culture’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Ali Payne

Ali Payne

President – ethOs
Session Title: ‘The Eras Tour 2.0’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Angeles Escalante

Angeles Escalante

Human Resources Manager – Caterpillar

Session Title: ‘Closing the Recognition Gap at the Workplace’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Luke Goetting

Luke Goetting

Keynote Speaker on Gen Z Engagement + Retention – Puffington Presentations 

Session Title: ‘Unlocking Gen Z+ Potential: 12 Strategies to Future-Proof Your Workforce’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Dr Allen Lycka

Dr Allen Lycka

The Doctor of Positivity & Happiness – Leadership Change Expert
Session Title: ‘The Issue with Great Disconnect bosses’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Miche'Lynne McCarter-Bell

Miche'Lynne McCarter-Bell

CEO & Lead HR ‘Growth’ Expert – HRG an MKK Bell Consulting 

Session Title: ‘Get Me Out of Here!’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Priyanka Gupta

Priyanka Gupta

Head of People – Ownwell

Session Title: ‘We are Always Our Whole Self at Work’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Matthew Hellrung

Matthew P. Hellrung, Esq.

Corporate Immigration Attorney, Managing Partner, & Co-Founder – Meltzer Hellrung, LLC 

Session Title: ‘Immigration Strategies to Solve Core Talent Acquisition Needs’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Chad Miller

Chad Miller

Founder – Life Abundant Leadership
Session Title: ‘Increasing Resilience, Psychological Safety and Trust in Your Organization: Lessons from a Rock-Climbing Ninja Warrior’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Oshawa Hunt

Oshawa Hunt

Founder – Hunt and Hire 

Session Title: ‘Breaking the Silence: The Impact of Candidate Ghosting on Company Brand and the Power of Feedback’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Suzanne Turner

Suzanne Turner

Chief of Beats + Founder – Soulshine Rhythm Experience

Session Title: ‘The Rhythm of Leadership’

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DisruptHR Austin speaker Milan Batinich

Milan Batinich

CEO | Founder | Speaker – Milan Motivates

Session Title: ‘Leading Through Self-Awareness’

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DisruptHR Austin 2023 Speakers

The Show Must Go On!

DisruptHR Austin is an evening of energy, innovation and fun!

In November 2023, we celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the founding of Disrupt HR and ushered in Austin, Texas as one of 144 global Disrupt HR cities.

Check out the awesome speakers from our November 2023 event below!

Marnie Robbins

Founder – Vibe HRC
Session Title: ‘Company Charisma: From Hot Mess to Snooze Fest’

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Allison Hammond

Head of People in Operations – Rice & Kendig
Session Title: ‘Are you Choosing the Right ‘C’ Word?

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Susan Yenzer

Performance Consultant – Advancing Performance, LLC
Session Title: ‘Radical Goal Achievement: NLP Style’

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Cara McCarty Abbott

Founder & CEO – Betterleave
Session Title: ‘The uncomfortable truth about grief at work’

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Beth White

Founder & CEO – MeBeBot
Session Title: ‘Have no fear, AI is here!’

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Teresa Dunnam

CEO, Lead Firewalk Instructor & Life Coach – Samsara Life Transformations
Session Title: ‘Making Mental Health Personal…Because It Is’

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Kendra Mack

VP of DEIB & Keynote Speaker – Kanarys
Session Title: ‘Ditch the Mentoring Myth & Do This to Retain Diverse Talent’

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Sue Mintz

Certified Retirement Transition Coach – Retirementhood
Session Title: ‘A Unique Benefit: Helping Employees Prepare for the Non-Financial Side of Retirement’

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Emma Garcia Purvis

Executive Director of Workforce innovation & Smart City Engagement – Zpryme
Session Title: ‘This ain’t your momma’s AI’

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Debbie Walker

Senior Channel Sales Manager – Jellyvision
Session Title: ‘Increasing Health Equity through Behavioral Science & AI’

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Jenny Magic

Founder – Build Better Change
Session Title: ‘HR is the Reason Most Change Projects Fail’

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David Hughen

CEO & Executive Coach – AustinWorkNet
Session Title: ‘The Hybrid Work Challenge for HR Influencers’

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Dori Eversmann

Speaker – Resilient Relationships
Session Title: ‘Create Re-Engagement With Challenging Conversations’

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