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DisruptHR Austin 2024 Program Guide

  • 4:00 p


    Click here for a venue map. 

    PLEASE NOTE – You’ll need to enter ‘Austin PBS’ to navigate the location through GPS. Do NOT use the physical address – it’ll route you to the wrong entrance!

    Free garage parking is only available in the Austin Community College Highland South Parking Garage (entry #5 on Clayton Lane).

    Parking in other garages will result in towing or charges which event staff will be unable to waive.

  • 4:00 - 4:50 p

    Intentional and Impactful Networking

  • 4:40 p

    VIP Starts Seating at the Main Stage (Studio A)

  • 4:50 p

    GA Starts Seating at the Main Stage (Studio A)

  • 5 p



    Speaker Session 1

    1. Oshawa Hunt – Breaking the Silence: Impact of Candidate Ghosting on Company Brand
    2. Milan Batinich – Leading Through Self-Awareness
    3. Ali Payne – The Eras Tour 2.0
    4. Matthew Hellrung – Immigration Strategies to Solve Core Talent Needs.
    5. Sophie Li – Brain Hacks for Leadership: When a Gardener Meets Neuroscience.
    6. Angeles Escalante – Do You See Me? Closing the Appreciation Gap.
    7. Suzy Turner – The Rhythm of Leadership.
  • 6 - 6:45 p

    Intermission for networking, refreshments, and most importantly – time to visit our sponsor booths!  

  • 6:45 p

    Program Resumes

    Speaker Session II

    1. Luke Goetting – Unlocking Gen Z Potential: Strategies to Future-Proof Your Workforce.
    2. Dr. Allen Lycka – The Thing About Disconnected Bosses.
    3. Priyanka Gupta – We ARE Always Our Whole Self at Work.
    4. Hector Navarro – AI-Powered Learning & Development.
    5. Chad Miller – Increasing Resilience & Trust: Lessons from a Rock-Climbing Ninja Warrior.
    6. Brian Vogel – HR on Trial for Neglecting Managers.
    7. Michelynne Bell – Get Me Out of Here!

    Speakers’ curtain call

    As you leave…. Thoughts of Forward Momentum!

  • 7:35 p

    Impactful Networking

  • 7:45 -8:30 p

    VIP Reception

  • 8 p

    Doors Close for GA Attendees

  • 8:45 p

    That’s a wrap!